Once Upon A time.png

Suggested ages: 5-7
August 3rd –7th

Calling all Princes & Princesses!

From Arendelle to Atlantica, come journey each day to another enchanted land.  Participants are encouraged to dress for the days enchanted land theme.  


Monday: Under the Sea

Tuesday:  Tea Time with Tiana

 Wednesday: Adventure to Arendelle Thursday: Story time with Belle

Friday: Polynesia Party

Social Dis-Dancing:

All Camps and Intensives have strict participation limits to assure dancers have their own Social Dis-Dancing dance space in the hope that camps will be held in-studio.  We have been busy upgrading ventilation, installing touchless soap and hand sanitizer stations, touchless thermometers as well as PPE for all staff and more.   Dance camps move to the Zoom if need be and the daily craft kits would be delivered to your house the weekend before for the two younger day camps.    But with our square footage and our hard work to meet all regulations to hold our camps in-house we are hoping to see all participants on the actual dance floor!!!