September showcase 2020

The Show Must Go On…so our Dancers will get their time to 



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It's Official!! September Showcases are Saturday September 26th & Sunday, September 27, 2020 at "The Dell" (McLaughlin & Norcross Memorial Dell) in Haddon Heights, NJ. 

Each showcase will be a little less than an hour and will include perfect attendance awards for routines in that showcase as well as recognizing and presenting trophies to our 5, 10, and 15 year dancers. There will be no charge for this event but ask to limit 6 per family for showcases your dancer(s) are participating

We are looking forward to working with our Showcase dancers for 2 weeks of classes in September (14th to the 25th)  to review dances before the showcases.  Please have your dancer practice their dances using the resource link on their class tab on your jackrabbit portal which can be accesses above and below in the website menu.

We have been working hard to prep the studio with sanitizing stations in each classroom, touchless thermometers, soap and sanitizer units, taped off dance floors giving each dancer their own rehearsal space and much more.   And we are confident that with 2 weeks of rehearsals, our dancers will be ready to show you how hard they have been working ALL YEAR (by that point). 

These rehearsals will happen in-studio following the guidelines we have been using for our intensives.  Dancers will be required to wear masks at rehearsals.  If your dancer must participate in the rehearsals via ZOOM this can be arranged.    If you have not already watched our re-opening procedures video please do so on the Covid 19 Proceudures page of the website.

At the Showcases, the dancers will be required to sanitize their hands immediately before and after going on stage.  Partnering will remain at a minimum when necessary to keep the integrity of the routine.   Masks (as of now)  will be optional for the showcase dancers.   This may change in month interim.

We thank you all for your patience, supporting your dancers lover of dance and for choosing Ovations

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Rehearsal Schedule

There have been some updates! Please check your dancers "2020 Showcase Classes" on Jackrabbit for confirmed rehearsal days & times!

Showcase Line Up