It's time To socially Dis -


Covid-19 Updates as of October 2021


  • At this time, dancers will need to be in masks no matter their Covid Vaccine status while not socially distant per NJ order.  This means masks are required for all common areas. Only in classes where everyone is 12 and up may a dancer opt to hang their mask on a door hook during class  and only if they are vaccinated. 

  • All non vaccinated staff will be masked and all vaccinated staff will have the choice to wear a face shield or mask.

  • We are allowing a parent to enter the building with their dancer regardless of age 

  • The front door and lobby will be used for entering and exiting.    No more spooky back stairwell and smelly hops back exit ramp!  :)

  • We do ask that everyone utilize the hand sanitizer machines  and the temperature scanner upon entrance


  • If a dancer or family member receives a contact trace notice, or travels outside the tristate area:                                -We ask that you notify us via email ASAP                                                                                                                              --Have your dancer stay home either 10 days or get tested between day 3 & 5 of exposure /return hom                     -if negative, forward results to studio and the dancer can after 7 days of initial exposure/return home.  

  • If dancer or anyone in household tests positive for COVID:                                                                                                  -We ask that you notify us via email ASAP & dancer cannot return until a doctor deems then able to return.

We do have a ZOOM account option available if it is not already in use in another room.  Please email the studio with ZOOM REQUEST in the memo Line. Those that use zoom will need to provide details of their exposure, follow the above quarantine protocols and provide negative test results before returning to dance.