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Where can I access my JackRabbit Parent Portal?


How do I receive important Information & Updates throughout the season?

Trimester Newsletters! All Updates and newsletters are sent via email to the addresses on your jackrabbit portal.

When is tuition due? What are the details?

Tuition is due Sept 1st, Nov. 1st & Feb. 1st. (If opting for Installments, there will be 8 Instalments due on the 1st of each month starting with September 1st) However for the 20/21 season, Trimesters will be due Otober 1st, December 1st & February 1st. Those wishing to opt for the INstallment plan will have tuition for 20/21 divided into 7 payments instead of 8 and starting October 1st as well. There is a drop-off box located to the left of the office window in the lobby to place payment if the office is closed. Please write the dancer’s first and last name on the memo line. Jack Rabbit will automatically charge a $10 late fee after the 10th of EACH month there is a past due balance. This starts in October (20/21 starts in November) If tuition is not received by the time the new semester starts (Sept 1st, Dec. 1st, & March 1st respectively) , your dancer will not be permitted to participate in class. Those students continuing into the 2nd trimester (Dec. – Feb.) are contracted to pay the 3rd trimester tuition payment whether or not the dancer continues through into the 3rd trimester (March – May). THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR TUITION, COSTUMES, PERFORMANCE AND REGISTRATION FEES. There is a $25 fee for each returned payment. Costume & Performance Fees are Due October 1st. (November 15th for 20/21) The cost of all costumes will be emailed and charged to accounts by the end of the previous month they ae due. Please see SPRING SHOW section for more information.

When is the office open?

There will be no set Office hours excpt for Wednesdays from 4 to 8 in the downstairs lobby, however, payments, forms, etc. can always be dropped in the drop box outside to the left of the downstairs lobby doors or your dancer can drop it in the drop box to the left of the upstairs lobby office window.

How do I find out if the studio is closed due to inclement weather?

In case of an emergency closing, the office will email out a notice to all classes affected. “Ovations DanceStudio (no space between Dance and Studio) facebook page will also be updated. Most likely, if the instructor has the means to ZOOM from home, the class will be taught via ZOOM on those days. Links to all ZOOM classes will be listed as a resours uunder each class in your Jack Rabbit Parent Portal.

Can I watch my dancer in class?

Due to COVID Safty precautions. Only dancers will be permitted past the lobby greeter/head scanner. Those 5 and under will be permitted to be escorted by an older family member who may help them get ready in the lobby upstairs and then leave out the back entrance once the dancer is in class. These ae our visitation policies during a non-COVID season: We ask that visitors not be in the classroom during class. In our experience, a family member’s presence in the classroom during class distracts the dancer and makes the other dancers nervous, especially in the first few months. Please be assured that we will do everything to make your dancer feel comfortable and welcome! Each classroom has a viewing window so you can watch your dancer whenever you wish.

Dress Code & Dance Supply

Is there a dress code?

Yes! Click here.

Where can I find dance supplies?

Both of the stores below will give you a discount if you mention you are an Ovations student! My Dance Bag--> 900 Township Lane, Cherry Hill NJ 08002 (856) 428-8844 (parallel to Rt. 70 by cemetery) Attitudes--> 444B Route 70 West, Cherry Hill NJ 08002 (856) 985-7270. www.discountdance.com School code TP57234

Parking & Safety

Where do I park?

There are many places to park: The lot across from The Manor Bar and Restaurant is public parking as well as the empty lot on Woodland Terr. Please try to use one of these lots. On street parking does have a time limit. Please read signs carefully. Where am I prohibited from parking? You may not park in Day Care parking lot. Please READ and OBEY street signs and don’t park in residential driveways or block them.

Where may I NOT park?

You may not park in Day Care parking lot. Please READ and OBEY street signs and don’t park in residential driveways or block them.

What are the safety precautions while in and around the studio?

Please use Crosswalks DO NOT DOUBLE PARK/SIT even if it is to drop off quickly. This is not safe and is illegal. DO NOT PARK/SIT within 25ft of any crosswalk. This is not safe and is illegal. (This includes the spot right outside the daycare center. The curb is yellow!) DO NOT MAKE A U-TURN at Ovations corner. U-TURNS at a cross walk are unsafe and illegal. If you must make a U-turn, the Oaklyn Police and Mayor request that you use the intersection at the end of W. Clinton by the School. Those violating such traffic rules will be ticketed. Dancers are not permitted into a classroom unless there is an instructor present. Siblings in the lobby/lounge area must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please clean up after your children. Every student must complete a medical form in the registration packet and return in to the office prior to the start of classes. The office must be made aware in writing if your child has any special needs or conditions, including but not limited to, medications, allergies or asthma. If at anytime your child’s medical information changes, this form must be updated/resubmitted.

Spring Show

Where and when is the recital held?

The Spring Show is held at the Beautiful, historical Collingswood Theatre.
315 White Horse Pike, Collingswood, NJ.
The Spring Show & Award Show is always the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend. There is a Saturday evening show and a Sunday afternoon show. Please see “spring show breakdown” to confirm which show your dancer(s) routine(s) are being performed.

Will both of my dancers perform in the same show?

All Creative, Combo, and most of the Beginner through Intermediate classes will only perform in one show at the end of the season. To accommodate families with two or more dancers in different classes, we have divided those classes into two color groups. Please select classes of the same color to guarantee that siblings will be performing in the same show. Those classes that have not been given a color may be selected to perform in both shows.

Is my dancer obligated to be in the spring show?

If you do not wish for your dancer to participate in the spring show, you must fill out the “No Performance” card and submit it to the office before October 1st. If we do not receive the card in time you will be responsible for purchasing a costume. All dancers in the show are required to pay a $35 performance fee, which includes a copy of their music sent via email so your dancer(s) can practice their dance(s), a link to the Spring Show video, as well as helps offset the price of the show and to help keep the ticket cost down. This fee is due by October 1st.

What is an ovations dancing dad?

An ODD is any dad, uncle, etc. who would like to participate in the most anticipated routine of the show. In February the sign-up sheet will go up for the dancing dads. Don’t miss out on the most anticipated dancse of the year. The First Top Secret Meeting is always the 2nd Monday in March. We meet Mondays from 8-9pm starting the 2nd weekend of March through May.

Is there a way to access recital music to practice with?

We encourage all of our students to practice as much as possible. This year all classes will be sent their music via email as soon as it is ready. (Usually February) We make cuts, speed changes, and special effects to most of our dance music. Having a copy at home encourages them to practice at home. There is no longer an addition cost or order form for practice music. The music is included in your performance fees. A digital downloadable copy of the award show and recital will also be included in Performance fees.

When are dress rehearsals and are they mandatory?

Dress Rehearsals are mandatory. If there is an emergency and your dancer is unable to attend you must contact the office ASAP. Exact dates will be in the Winter Newsletter and the schedule posted in the Spring Show Newsletter.

Costumes & Picture Day

How much are costumes for the recital?

On average, all Creative, Combo, and Acrobatic costumes are $70 each. All Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Bendi & Hip Hop Costumes are $80 each*. Each student will receive one pair of stocking per color needed for the show at no additional fee. All costume money is due by OCTOBER 1st along with performance dues. There will be a $10 late fee for each month your payment is late. If your dancer is not participating in the spring show or is opting out of performing with a particular class, and a “No Recital” card is not submitted by October 1st, you will be responsible for the full cost of the costumes. Pictures of costumes will be posted on bulletin board in October. *ensemble/competition costumes may be more.

What is picture day?

The Spring Show Program/Yearbook includes pictures of every class, as well as pictures of students who place ads. Although you are not obligated to purchase a picture package, we ask that you show up for the class picture so all dancers are represented in the program.

Tickets & Ads

How do I purchase tickets for the spring show?

Here’s how it works:
Each family will fill out a Ticket Request Form for each Show they wish to purchase tickets. (Tickets can only be purchased for the shows your dancer is dancing in) All forms must then be submitted to the office with full payment by the date indicated in the newsletter/calendar. All forms will be put into a pool and randomly pulled. We will then fill your ticket order and have the tickets available for pick up starting on Monday after the deadline. You are free to purchase as many remaining tickets at that time as well. Tickets are also available for pick up at the dress rehearsals. IF ANY FAMILY HAS AN OUTSTANDING BALANCE AT THE TIME OF SALE, TICKETS WILL NOT BE PULLED UNTIL THE BALANCE IS PAID. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! NO PHONE REQUESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Ticket request form will be included in the Spring Show Newsletter.

How do I place an ad in the Spring Show Program/Yearbook?

Our ad campaign will begin in February. Information will be included in the Winter Newsletter. Please see deadline in Winter newsletter. Deadline is strictly enforced to get all the graphic work done before picture day.

Volunteers & Referral Program

Do you need volunteers throughout the year? How can I help?

Throughout the year we need volunteers to help make the dance season run smoothly. Below are a list of areas we could use volunteers. If you wish to help in any area please fill out a volunteer card and return it to the studio. Class Room Representatives: In case of class cancellation or important
reminders, the office will contact the classroom representative who would then call the rest of the class. Pizza Delivery Day: The Joe Corbi Truck usually arrives around 9am and we need volunteers to help unload the truck, and sort orders. Set Day: All of our sets we make at the studio. On set day we ask for volunteers, ages 10 and up to help paint, glitter, and build sets/props. *Spring Show Help: *Sign in/out Table*– during whole show. *Merchandise Sales– during whole show. *50/50– during whole show ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED.

Do you have a referral program?

Below are the details of our referral program. The new student must have mentioned your name on the referral line of their current season registration form. The new student must still be enrolled through March 1st of that season. Referral points can be redeemed anytime and do not expire.You can save them up for a few years before using them. Credits can be used for the following: 1 Referral Credit : 1 ticket to the spring show 2 Referral Credits : An Ovations tee shirt, or 2 tickets to the spring show 3 Referral Credits : 3 tickets to the spring show 4 Referral Credits : An Ovations small dance bag or 4 tickets to the spring show 5 Referral Credits : An Ovations large dance bag, or 5 tickets to the spring show 6 Referral Credits : An Ovations hooded zip-up, or 6 tickets to the spring show.