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Within Warrior Flow Combatives our training modality is predicated upon the assumption that an attacker will have every physical advantage over us. They will be bigger, stronger, faster, more athletic, younger, and so forth. In loading this assumption in up front, we train so as to defeat all of these advantages if and when we encounter them.


There is no one-size-fits-all set of techniques or moves that are taught. There is too much variety among human beings for that, too many body types and individual peculiarities and idiosyncrasies. Rather, we train to move our unique bodies with maximal efficiency, meaning subtly, i.e. no more than we need to move. Subtle movement is hidden movement: It’s more difficult for attackers to gauge. It’s deceptive. As such, it throws off an attacker’s sense of time.

This last is crucial, for in a real attack, microseconds are invaluable. They must be used for the singular purpose of incapacitating the danger by whichever means.

Attendees of this seminar are guaranteed to leave moving in ways they haven’t moved since they were children (if then). And they will leave learning how to strike, and strike with effect. This training will also aim at preparing students psychologically to do whatever they must do if they are threatened, as well as instilling in them such “soft skills” as situational awareness and the like to help them preempt a violent confrontation before it occurs.   

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